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Who are we?

Jean Paul IZQUIERDO, creates in 2009 META MORPHOZ (SARL), Agency communication volume which it ensures the management. With his past experience and awareness by “éconologique” approach (Ecological, Economic and logic), it selects the providers adhering to environmental protection standards and partners with major bullistes thus ensuring close throughout territory, great responsiveness and availability in terms of suitable and recent materials enabling consistency across all actions META MORPHOZ advocates.

Ethics and Ambition
Seeking to earn points based on the budget for the rental or purchase of a booth in eco building called eco-points giving meaning to your consumption by accelerating the ecological process

and opening a loyalty card with discounts.

What is our profession?

graphic ecomorphoz 02

The design and installation of exhibits.

The design of sales offices (BV) et de One shot.

A “green” approach (ecological, economic, logic).

Our core business

The design and installation of custom stands & modular.

Our specialty

The design of sales offices (BV) and One shot.

Our strengths

A real ability to listen, responsiveness.

Our différence?

A green approach (ecological, economic, logic) Carbon footprint.

We guarantee

A selection of providers respecting the environment; A choice of suitable and innovative materials; Partnerships with body close trades your project sites.

We offer you

A single contact for the study of your projects, encryption, designing and monitoring your site. A high quality service for you and your customers!

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